Urologist Dr. Suzanne Frye – Overview of Women for Women International

Urologist Dr. Suzanne Frye has been practicing in Manhattan for nearly 30 years. With a keen interest and expertise in women’s urological health,she is also committed to promoting better overall health care for all women. Suzanne Frye, MD, supports organizations that support women, including Women for Women International.

Women for Women International is an organization that provides job training, financial aid, and educational resources to help transform women from victims to survivors to active citizens. The organization provides aid to women in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Kosovo, Nigeria, and South Sudan, to ensure that they have access to the knowledge and resources necessary to live productive lives and become active members of the community.

Each year, Women for Women International hosts events to help raise funds for the organization, including My Step, Her Stride and Run for Congo Women. The organization also encourages individuals to sponsor these women survivors of war, assisting them with basic necessities such as buying food, clothing, and medicine, or enabling children to receive an education.

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